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It all started with the search for a new hobby. They say that on average people tend to change jobs every 15 years. Maybe even more often nowadays. In my case, after 20 years of teaching Russian at the Linguarus language school, I yearned for new challenges; wished to explore my creative side and hidden talents. Ideas and opportunities often knock on your door most unexpectedly. I am grateful that I had listened to my inner voice and found a way to make this desire a reality. First, there was a long wait for the course to start; and I persuaded Jolanda to give me individual classes after the course was over. Summer was the most appropriate time to start learning patchwork techniques. With the support of my experienced teacher, I thoroughly mastered new techniques and soon traveled abroad to acquire additional skills. In my home country, Russia, quilting has rapidly gained great popularity. There, at an intensive course on freemotion quilting, Yuliya introduced me to the Bernina sewing machines, which ensure a high-quality, beautiful, and quite simple realization of your ideas. It was all presented so clearly that I began quilting almost immediately. I rapidly applied freemotion quilting (FMQ) to my creations, thus giving them a touch of magic and making them very attractive and unique. I was drawn to Switzerland, where Bernina comes from. There I got to know all the features of these sewing machines; their advantages over other machines; and their immense creative potential. I believe I have found myself in the best possible company being accepted into the large Bernina family, as its devotees and employees call it. Bernina is now on the shelves of my studio, on my work table, on the tables of my pupils, and of course in my heart. Bernina is part of the story that I live.

While setting up my quilt studio, I have also developed a range of corporate gifts under the trademark Maryna’s Gifts, including an excellent selection of aromatic marmalades and extra jams. This unique gift line was inspired by the seaside region of Central Dalmatia, kissed by the sun and warmth and whipped by the fierce winds, salt, and the untamable sea. These handmade gifts for personal and/or business needs are intended for those who wish to maintain a connection with the Mediterranean nature. With Maryna’s Gifts, you will always feel the sun shining upon you.

With our creations, we support nature conservation and sustainable development; we respect tradition and the knowledge of our ancestors; we explore the environment, skillfully tying it together with the modern lifestyle. We love adding new tried and tested flavors to our gift line: in 2019, our extra jams, olive oil, and handmade textile gifts were joined by delicious Herzegovinian honey of extraordinary quality. The precious nectar of more than 20 field flowers with incredible health benefits is trapped in a jar of this aromatic floral honey. I swear by taking a teaspoon on an empty stomach every morning!

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Maryna Bilash

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